Large Format Velvia - good news from beyond the grave

27th April 2013
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After last years scare about Fuji discontinuing Velvia in sheetfilm sizes it turns out after all that the whole thing wasn't true. So its panic over for the time being. I did wonder last year if the whole thing would turn out to be some kind of mistake as we never heard anything officially from Japan on the matter, gladly my suspicions have come true. Tim Parkin has a bit more detail at the On Landscape site.

Plague victims are buried here, happily not with Velvia sheet film just yet

I'm still not sure if this means that the BJP were misinformed by the UK distributors or Fuji in Japan when they published their original announcement, or some other "cockup on the communication front", or even maybe that the online petition managed to persuade Fuji to reconsider. But either way it appears that Velvia is not only still with us but Fuji have even gone as far as redesigned the packaging, something that does give hope that they are going to keep it around for a while. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the cost of the packaging redesign will be passed onto use the consumers.

Of course anyone using 5x7" Velvia are out of luck as this size is discontinued, but of course they can still cut it down from 10x8" sheets, so its not the end of the world.

Anyway, we have at least a secure supply of Velvia in large format sizes for the immediate future, so even if the price is going up (again) we're still in a better position than last July when I wrote my original post. The only problem Fuji face is after the inevitable stockpiling that will have occurred last summer after the false announcement, will anyone actually need to go out and buy the newly repackaged stock? I hope not everyone's freezer is full.


Photo comment By Chris: Hi,I know how you felt. I used to shoot on Kodak slide film (and still do, there is something left in the freezer), but their films are gone forever and will definitely not come back...

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