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16th April 2014
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I blogged last year about the Travelwide 5x4" camera being developed by a couple of guys in the USA. Well they've just announced that they are nearing completion of the project and are now accepting pre-orders.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who missed the original campaign to get on board. These cameras, once you've sourced an appropriate lens and viewfinder, promise to give a remarkably cheap and hopefully hassle free route into large format photography. But, for someone like me who is already deep into large format, what excites me is the prospect of using one for trips into the mountains and other uses where weight and bulk would totally rule out carrying a full 5x4" view camera kit. The 65mm version of the camera could be a great portable panoramic camera is paired with say a Horseman 6x12 back and an approprite viewfinder for instance. There's plenty of options open for the inventive photographer.

Tree on the Longshaw Estate, Peak District, 90mm Angulon, f/45, Fuji Velvia

Here is one of my first large format images, shot on Velvia with a humble 90mm Angulon, the exact lens this camera is built around. Shot at f/45 for maximum depth of field without movements there is a ton of detail on even a relatively low resolution flatbed scan. Of course as it was shot without movements its exactly this type of shot you could make with a Travelwide. (That also reminds me, I must dig this piece of film out and make a better scan on if on my drum scanner....)

The original dates for delivery of the camera have slipped by 6-9 months over schedule, but I reckon that must be par for the course for this type of endeavour. Its not every day someone tries to design and build a totally new large format camera, so some delays are to be expected. I'm looking forward to reviewing the final product once it hits our shores. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Travelwide pre-order site.

Note: Currently (16th April) it says on their site "We’re currently working to establish worldwide shipping. Until then, we can only offer shipping to the U.S. or Canada. Sorry about that!". So anyone in the backwaters of anywhere on the globe that isn't North America is going to have to keep an eye on that site until they sort it out.

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