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Travelwide pre-order site
16th April 2014
I blogged last year about the Travelwide 5x4" camera being developed by a couple of guys in the USA. Well they've just announced that they are nearing completion of the project and are now accepting pre-orders.
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A Silver Lining - Ilford Factory Tour 2013
17th November 2013
To anyone with even a passing interest in photography the name of Ilford should be immediately familiar. Started off in the 1800s its now reinvented itself in the post-digital era as a lean an responsive outfit which is prospering where juggernauts such as Kodak have struggled. Last week I was lucky enough to visit the Ilford facility in Cheshire for a full day tour to find out how they do it.
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Featured Photographer - On Landscape Magazine Issue 59
16th June 2013
I'm currently this issue's Featured Photographer in On Landscape online magazine. Tim Parkin approached me with a few questions to answer for the magazine, so you can read all about my background, motivation, etc etc. There's a few other thoughts on landscape and a little on climbing photography in there too.
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I am a photographer & climber based in Sheffield, UK. My experiences in the great outdoor spaces of the British Isles and further afield drive me to document the places I go and the experiences I have through photography.

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